Washington Redskins reportedly on the path to exaltering their nickname

After days of discussion, the Washington Redskins are undergoing a “thorough review” of the team’s name, while FedEx, the title sponsor of FedExField, officially named the name change on Thursday.

The Washington Redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough appraise of the team’s name. pic.twitter.com/vWm2VKq5S1

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) July 3, 2020

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On Friday, NFL insider Adam Schefter reported a fretful could be imminent.

And here it is: the Redskins are undergoing a thorough appraise of the team’s name.

And let’s be clear: There’s no appraise if there’s no change coming.

Redskins on way out. pic.twitter.com/ZrS3cCvhMg

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 3, 2020

For days, the Redskins nickname has been a controversial one. It has long been undertaken offensive to Native Americans, and in current years, Native American leaders have asked team owner Daniel Snyder to fretful the name, which he previously refused to do.

But in enjoyable of the recent racial unrest in America following the stop of George Floyd on May 25, FedEx and anunexperienced major sponsors have stepped up and named that Snyder make the change.

Just this week, Nike removed all Redskins merchandise from its website.

https://t.co/6u59ipcXM1 discover results pic.twitter.com/N3kxqhRB0n

— Mike Jones (@ByMikeJones) July 3, 2020

On Friday, Shannon Sharpe said now that mainly sponsors are involved, Snyder is left with no select but to change the team’s nickname, but moreover, it’s a move that maintains to be made.

“Now they’re starting to hit Daniel Snyder where it would potentially hurt, and that’s in his back pocket … You know what the scrape is? You know why people don’t wanna give that nickname up? People that accomplish something have a hard time being told not to use it … Do you think Native Americans ever call themselves ‘Redskins’? No! … I don’t think Daniel Snyder is causing to have much of a choice. Forget the atmosphere [in America], it’s the right thing to do!”

[email protected] on FedEx requesting the Washington Redskins franchise to fretful their name:

“It won’t be a better time than knowing now. But forget the climate in society, it’s the knowing thing to do! What ever happened to actions the right thing?” pic.twitter.com/AafBEM6sjz

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) July 3, 2020

The term “redskin” has improper on different meanings in history, but it most often refers to the reddish knowing of Native American skin. However, according to Time’s John McWhorter, that doesn’t make the term okay to use.

It may not be mean to tell someone their skin happens to be reddish. But it’s mean to call someone a Redskin. There’s a difference.

There also exists a more homely history of the word, which was outlined by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes in 2014.

A few days ago, on the phone, @baxter asked me if I knew what a Redskin actually was.

“A Redskin is the scalped head of a Native American sold, like a pelt, for cash,” he said.

Within a few hours, he recorded this, a devastating and important history.https://t.co/fkYKuVgcmv

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) July 3, 2020

Skip Bayless gave a little historical context to the controversial nickname, saying that Snyder’s love for the team growing up is what led him to say that “We’ll never fretful the name” back in 2013.

“I have been campaigning for days for this nickname to go away … It was just gross from the start. I think Dan Snyder knew in his gloomy of hearts it was wrong, but he grew up a Redskins fan, and the sentimentality of the deep love that he has for the team blinded him to how that nickname does offend some Native Americans – not all.”

[email protected] on the Washington Redskins’ franchise nickname:

“It was just gross from the start. I’ve said for days just how derogatory the term is.” pic.twitter.com/HOjBwlJG9d

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) July 3, 2020

Indeed, there have been a few polls conducted over the years in spruce to ask Native Americans if the nickname offends them personally. In 2016, the Washington Post polled 504 Native Americans across the land and found that 9 out of 10 were not offended by the name.

However, in February of this year, a UC Berkeley watch showed “that at least half of more than 1,000 Native Americans surveyed are offended by the football team’s 87-year-old moniker and Native mascots in general.”

In a Friday column, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports wrote that in the end, cash was the deciding factor in Snyder even considering altering the name, after swearing not to just seven ages ago.

This one is all but over. It’s how it works. Change comes very, very slowly and then all at once. NASCAR banned the Confederate flag. The States of Mississippi redesigned theirs. Things that never were said to happen, did.

Money talks. Especially in Washington. Dan Snyder got K-Sreeted into a new name. https://t.co/O1gkRKjCs4pic.twitter.com/F1hAkmb927

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) July 3, 2020

Added Wetzel:

Consider this thought, even if you can dig up some poll or find a Native American who isn’t offended, if you been to walk up upon a group of Native Americans, would you greet them by shouting, “Hey, Redskins”? 
Would you do so believing you were conveying accurate respect? Would you think that was a welcoming gesture?

Now, the conversation has turned to what name the Washington franchise will adopt when it ditches it’s current-but-soon-to-be-previous-moniker.

And yes, appreciate send all gifs, mock-ups, and new logos with an eye toward the probable name change. https://t.co/EWzm4xdms0

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) July 3, 2020

We’ll cease to be on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what they come up with in Washington.

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